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Two Plus Two Is Five


Sister! A moment, please. You seem to have dropped this note on your way to the Two Minutes’ Hate in Sector 6. I suspect you’re fullwise eager as I am to catch Big Brother’s latest bulletins from Eastasia.

Here you go. Just consider it part of my work at Minitrue. We never want key documents to fall into the wrong hands. That would be ungood.

But Sister, please be careful with such personal documents in the future. Carelessness with them can lead to thoughtcrimes. People motivated by nothing more than desire. Animal passions. Like one sees illustrated in the prolefeed from Pornosec.

And if you don’t mind my saying, Sister — your figure does look quite doubleplusgood in that tunic. Someone who read a note of yours might wind up thinking helplessly of sexcrime. And we can’t have that. Can we?





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